Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept other kinds of dresses?
At this current time, we accept graduation dresses and prom dresses. Dresses are formal gowns that would be appropriate for such occasions.

There have been several Londoners asking if we accept wedding dresses. These dresses are not recommended to donate.

We do accept formal jewellery, purses and shoes so even if your dress isn't a Cinderella Project dress, you can still find ways to donate and help the project.

Can I donate after the Fittings Week?
No. Due to storage issues, dresses cannot be donated after the fitting days

Where are the locations of the drop off boxes?
The most up to date list of drop off locations can be found by clicking by accessing Give a Dress.

I would like to volunteer on the Fittings Days, what can I do?
Anyone wishing to volunteer on the fitting days needs to fill out a volunteer application form. Unfortunately we only need a certain number of volunteers for the fitting days so volunteers who have volunteers previous years and/or throughout the year have first chance at volunteering over the fitting days.

We also do not accept volunteers in elementary or public school for the fitting days due to confidentiality. If you are in elementary school contact us and you may be able to volunteer throughout the year in some other way.

However, there is room for more volunteers, but those volunteers tend to be those people who are specialized - in that they are our seamstresses, makeup artists, etc. Volunteers are in NO WAY DISCOURAGED from trying to volunteer (We love the support and encouragement!) so please contact us if you are interested.

Can you register boys?
Although we are not currently focused on finding prom/graduation wear for boys, we will do the best that we can. Fill out the application form and send it in…we will see what we can do.

Can I get my dress back after I have already donated it?
Unfortunately once you have donated your dress we are unable to return it.

Can I get a tax receipt for the dress that I donate?
Unfortunately we currently cannot provide tax receipts for dress donations. Tax receipts can be given for monetary donations.

What does it cost?
Absolutely nothing! The dress and accessories are all free. No money is exchanged between The London Cinderella Project and participants.

What can I expect on the fitting days?
When you arrive for the fitting days someone will be at the front desk to assist you. We ask that you do not bring backpacks or large purses to the fitting days. If you do, you will be asked to leave them at the front at your own risk. You will be able to go and pick out your dress and try it on in our fitting rooms. Sometimes there is a wait for fitting rooms, so please give yourself lots of time.

There will be seamstresses onsite if you need any alterations with your dress. Depending on the alterations your dress needs, you may have to come back and pick up your dress at a later time.

You will also be able to pick out your jewelry, shoes and make-up to go with your gown (depending on donations/funds of that year).